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With over 2,000 schools to choose from, searching for the right school can be a real challenge. Certainly there is no shortage of people that you, as a high school student-athlete, can turn to for advice. High school counselors, private counselors, college admissions officers, high school and college coaches and athletic administrators, fellow athletes and friends are all available to you.

College Sports Connect is designed with one simple purpose. That is, to enable you to identify schools that come closest to offering the kind of academic and athletic program you are seeking. Once you have done this, you can target all your efforts much more efficiently and effectively.

College Sports Connect provides you with the opportunity to get your school search going on a sure-footed, all-encompassing basis. Our database features athletic and academic information for all U.S. and most Canadian four-year and two-year colleges and universities with athletic programs. It's easy to use and faster than you might imagine.

And there's more.
You'll find some good advice on how to apply for school, and some links to sites specially prepared for college-bound athletes by various national conferences.

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We’re confident enough of to offer you a complete money-back guarantee. If you subscribe and don’t find the service helpful in some meaningful way within 30 days, simply contact us and we’ll immediately refund your $7.99 investment, no questions asked.

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